Ramen Nagi

The latest Ramen place in Singapore is ‘Ramen Nagi’, originally from Fukuoka, Japan. Highly raved by many food bloggers and even main media outlet The Straits Times, we decided to give it a try last night.

The owner Satoshi Ikuta was walking around the outlet – his accolades include creating different kinds of ramen for one year (365 days!) and winning some Ramen Championship (the power of google)!Red King – L rates this 3.5/5 for the spicy version (level 3 out of 10) but he said that he had high expectations for it since we have really good ramen in Singapore.

Original King – For me, this was 3 out of 5. Though it was at ‘normal’ levels it was a little bland, but nonetheless still pretty good.

For more info, visit: https://www.facebook.com/RamenNagiSingapore/

You can find @RamenNagiSingapore at:
Suntec City Tower II #01-512/513

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