How do you make a video game with 3 gigantic monsters a hit at the box office? The answer is, add The Rock. Seriously, any movie that he is in adds the entertainment element and though the movie plot was predictable, I enjoyed it (despite terrible reviews that I read online)!

For those who do not know, Rampage is about a genetic experiment gone wrong. The ‘virus’ crashes back into Earth as the lab at the space station explodes – the virus is caught by a wolf, a lizard/crocodile looking creature and last but not least, a friendly silverback gorilla who is BFFs with The Rock. In this case, The Rock assumes the role of a primatologist Davis who communicates with the gorilla with sign language. Of course, The Rock is no normal animal scientist but one who combats illegal wildlife trade around the world. He also shares a special bond with the gorilla who he affectionately named ‘George’.

Without spoiling too much but I think you should have already guessed, the monsters destroy the city as they are lured by some radio frequency tower by the owners of the genetic engineering science company. The reason why they wanted to lure the monsters back was to feed them the ‘antidote’ but seriously – did it cross their minds how they could administer the antidote and where do they ‘hide’ these crazy enormous animals?

Anyway, catch Rampage in cinemas – it’s pretty entertaining and feel good, because you always enjoy a happy no-brainer and well, there’s The Rock!

More details of the video game here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rampage_(video_game)

Pic credits: https://www.facebook.com/RampageTheMovie

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