Guavapass versus kfit


One of my resolutions for the year is to keep fit or rather, GET fit so I tried out the new way to exercise – a monthly subscription/class-based app that allows different classes. To be honest, I didn’t know that such things exist until recently. Here’s my take on guavapass and kfit!

Guavapass (
Guavapass was like a breath of fresh air and felt exclusive. If you didn’t sign up as a member, you couldn’t browse their classes – which made it quite cool because you always want what you can’t get. I started off as a 6-class member and went for 3+1 (late cancellation).

I must say that guavapass has a lot of studios that looked really cool. I signed up with a barre class (which I cancelled in the end cos I wasn’t feeling so well), and also a few yoga classes. The process was pretty easy but I thought that it was pretty pricey because I couldn’t finish the 6 classes in the time that was given.

Weirdly, I think they have changed their pricing plans to give 2,4,10 class options. 10 classes – $199 and to finish it in 3 months. At $19.90/class sounds alright.

What I liked most about guavapass was the additional events that they organised. I went for a spinning class and a barre x ballet class which I thought was fun. I didn’t continue with the package in the end because through guavapass I found a yoga studio that I really liked and signed up with them yet. My loss!

Kfit (
I stumbled upon kfit while googling for guavapass actually. Priced at $129/month for 10 lessons – it sounded like a really good deal ($12.90 each!). There was also a promotion on fave (groupon) and I bought a one month membership for only $89! That means each class costs only $8.90.

HOWEVER, the sad thing is that I only went for 3 classes – 2 yoga classes (a studio that I go to usually and another new one near my house), and a bounce class which was really fun. That makes each class about $30! I wasn’t very clear about the packages too and some classes cost additional (which in my opinion doesn’t really make sense because they seem to be similar to other classes?)

One good thing about kfit though is the quick customer service – i cancelled in the morning and got an email right on that day. No repeated marketing materials from kfit too that I got from guavapass (that’s good for me and bad for their marketing team I guess).

(1) Always look out for promo codes / deals to try each one first and see which suits you better in terms of location / studios / packages.
(2) If you can make time 10 classes a month, choose kfit for a good deal
(3) Go for Guava events which are pretty frequent and don’t require a membership!

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