SGFW 2017

Pic credits: sistic

Singapore Fashion Week 2017 #SGFW2017 is just a short 3-day event this year and opening the fashion highlight of the year is Laichan. Its Spring/Summer 2018 collection was an eye-opener and we have some highlights from the show:

Laichan is a Singaporean fashion designer, and largely described to be best known for his beautiful designs of the Chinese Cheongsam or the qipao. Interestingly, he designed dramatic costumes for the theatre, movies and film series such as Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare in the Park and a HBO telemovie.

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Movie Review – Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok

Pic credits: Marvel / Golden Village

Pic credits: pixabay – funny this comes out but yeah The Hulk was in the show too.

Well as a Marvel fan (not really but i guess i just like to watch all the movies) I had to catch Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok on its opening day (or perhaps 1 day earlier!).

You can get an idea on what the show is about by googling what’s Ragnarok –  (from wikipedia)

(Norse mythology) A series of future events culminating in a battle, fought between the Æsir and einherjar on one side and the forces of Surt, Loki and Loki’s children on the other, in which all of creation is burned down and almost all life is extinguished.

Okay – it’s a little different but it involves alot of burning and of course Thor, and my favourite Tom Hiddleston – Loki!

I particularly liked the new characters though – Jeff Goldblum as one of the bad guys and Cate Blanchett as Thor & Loki’s evil elder sister! It’s one of the very few shows that I think the bad guys are not too creepy and Cate looks really pretty (though dark and evil)!

Screen_Shot_2017_04_11_at_11.09.22_AM.0 Pic credits: Polygon
Cate_Blanchett_as_Hela_in_Thor_Ragnarok Pic credits: Wikipedia

Without spoiling the show, I would say it’s a 3.5/5 stars for a (sort of) non- Marvel fan but watch it cos it’s surprisingly funny and has cool powers and characters like the last Valkyrie!

Concluding with my favourite:
Loki_ttdw_poster.png Pic credits: thor wiki

Movie details here:

Thor: Ragnarok opens in cinemas 26 October 2017!


The revival of the blog – or just my personal website before I turn the big 3!

I recently went back to my old archives from an old blog that I have no access to (except viewing rights) and was wow-ed by the many things I did!

So here goes, the start of a very public online diary of my happenings and musings. Also a social experiment of how much I can keep up.

One day Mirielle will read this and be very amazed that I am actually not boring. (Though I am named iamboring but it’s meant to be ironic people!!)